Routine Inspections

Whether you require inspections every month, every week, or every shift, we know it can be a pain remembering every single item and area that needs to be checked. And if you’re using paper checklists, you lose the valuable context and trend information that LogCheck puts at your fingertips.


Preventative Maintenance

Most preventative maintenance software is incredibly complicated to use, which is why getting your staff to use it “correctly” is a constant struggle. We designed LogCheck to be different.

Meter Readings

If you’re still doing meter readings on paper checklists, you’re probably wasting countless hours on data entry and correcting simple errors made in the field. End the madness once and for all with LogCheck.

Security Rounds

LogCheck helps security teams and managers gain greater visibility from the basement to the roof. Replacing paper log sheets with our digital logbook keeps security teams organized. Management gets a view into what their security personnel are doing, and guards get the historical context to identify recurring problem areas. Know that your buildings are fully covered, easily and at-a-glance.

Ongoing Commissioning

Even high tech buildings with fancy equipment and automated sensors all over the place inevitably fall out of tune. Protect your investment and give you staff a simple tool to ensure the systems are running as expected.