The Federal Development Solution™ Model

Through an innovative approach to property rehabilitation, FHS™ has established a first-in-industry business model that creates efficiencies within the construction and development processes called Federal Development Solutions ("FDS™"). Working hand-in-hand with owners and property managers prior to acquisition, the FDS™ solution implements plans to modernize property structures, systems, and technologies by renovating aging assets and incorporating new technologies throughout the properties. 

Our Federal Development Solutions™ rehabilitation initiative includes performance monitoring, training of site professionals, and customized installation and performance plans - and has proven cost savings from 25-60%.

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By pioneering partnerships with the largest US housing manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, FDS™ has established a first-in-class business model that creates construction and development process improvements.  Through these deep relationships, FDS™ is able to assemble teams of experts who directly assist owners, construction managers, and property managers through each stage of their rehabilitation, from pre-closing assessment to complete project performance monitoring of rehabilitation and future improvements. Owners have the ability to speak  in real-time to product developers and manufacturers during rehabilitation and improvement projects, thereby reducing project costs and ensuring on-time delivery.

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