About Federal Housing Solutions


To address the lack of safe affordable housing, industry veteran and Related alumnus Patrick Plunkett founded Federal Housing Solutions™ ("FHS™"). FHS™ develops, acquires, and rehabilitates affordable multifamily properties. Through innovative approaches to restructuring partnerships and rehabilitating properties, FHS™ is able to provide solutions that both increase asset values and enhance communities - thus pursuing their philosophy of a double-bottom line return.


FHS initiatives improve process and operational efficiencies, provide proactive management solutions, incorporate state of the art systems and technologies and have proven extensive cost savings and generated increased cash flow.  In addition to strengthening the portfolio performance, this supports the FHS™ commitment to provide safe housing and increase the value of the assets under ownership. Read more about FHS's innovative approach to rehabilitation and management through its Federal Development Solutions™ (FDS™) programs.

FHS™ also takes an innovative approach to transparency within the industry by committing to clarity and information sharing with its partners, investors, communities served, and industry professionals.  This provides all parties with real-time information on each deal's financials, rehabilitation timeline, and progression.

FHS™ develops and maintains partnerships within local communities and is currently engaged with several Housing Authorities and other public-private partnership initiative throughout the United States. 

FHS Leadership

“The lack of safe, affordable rental housing is the number one social issue that we currently face in our industry.”

Patrick Plunkett, Founder

Patrick has over 17 years of real estate development experience, with a focus in the multifamily affordable housing arena.  During that time, Patrick has facilitated the purchase of over 6,500 units of housing valued in excess of  $800,000,000.

Patrick has extensive experience with Federal, State and Local housing programs, including the FHA multifamily mortgage insurance programs, Section 42 LIHTC, Section 8, 236, and 202 restructurings, and is a Related Companies alumnus, where he was Director of Acquisitions for the Affordable Housing platform. Through his experience as the Acquisition Director for Related’s affordable housing group, Mr. Plunkett recognized the need for more safe, affordable housing to address the glaring lack in supply – and so founded Federal Housing Solutions™ (FHS™) to address this need. In addition to FHS™, Patrick has created a first-in-industry business model that uses a team of experts to maximize savings during asset rehabilitation called Federal Development Solutions™ (FDS™).

Patrick holds an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, an MBA in Environmental Business Management for Real Estate from Florida Atlantic University, and a Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development from Harvard University.

Patrick resides in Westchester County, N.Y.,  with his wife and their four children.