Control cost, efficiencies, and service from the beginning to the end of a project with our best in class integrated project design team. We offer a construction team who will collaborate from day one.

  • Best System Practices
  • High E product selections
  • Innovative  solutions  and designs
  • Delivery, service, training and education
  • Cost sensitivity and ROI

FDS™ | Integrated Solutions

  • Understand energy usage and costs in each of their buildings
  • Understand what products can make a difference and to what extent
  • Understand what design and implementation team can and will deliver acceptable paybacks (ROI)
  • Understand how to get their products of choice into their buildings
  • Understand what financial resources (including grants, rebates and incentives) are available to finance their projects
  • Understand how training and education can impact design, implementation, installation and post installation costs

FDS™ | Integrated Benefits

  • Collaborative design build effort

  • Curated, trusted and respected team

  • Valuable partner relationships

    • Architects
    • Energy and Consulting Engineers
    • General Contractors
    • Mechanical Contractors

Energy Consumption in a Typical Multi Family Building

75% in HVAC, Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water Production.

Primary Energy Consumption by Percent by Year for Multifamily Housing

Heating and Cooling Represents about 54% of a Buildings Utility Bill

By surrounding yourself with the right application, design and installation team you will receive:

  • The right equipment specifications
  • Installing contractor training and education in your specification – this ensures proper installation & commissioning and reduces call backs and post installation non-warranty costs
  • Ensures that the preferred equipment ends up in your building
  • Commissioning of new installations
  • O&M Manuals
  • A stock of common parts
  • Training and education of facilities staff and after installation access to equipment and systems experts

Reducing Energy Usage Through Product Design

The largest single contributor to energy reduction are designs that include water usage, Domestic Hot Water generation and space heating!

  • Water and Sewer
  • Gas Domestic Hot Water
  • Hot Water Heat – Hydronic System
  • Steam Heat and /or Domestic Hot Water
  • HVAC Systems
  • Electrical as it relates to HVAC, Domestic Hot Water and Heating Systems



  • Innovative products | Higher efficiencies creates reduced energy consumption

  • Pricing | Bundled cost savings to the end user

  • Delivery | Scheduled delivery of product assures no lost time or cost over runs

  • Service | Highly trained and experienced field representatives combined with inside sales support

  • Warranty | Extended warranties on material and labor

  • Training | Certified contractors for the product we select and after installation staff training

  • Start Up | included in bundled cost – additional savings